Curriculum Review and Development

The Curriculum Review and Development Cycle is a five year process incorporating different phases of curriculum review and development each year. Listed below is the focus for each year and a guiding question for teachers and administrators as they work to improve the district's early childhood, elementary, and secondary curriculum and instruction.


 Year 1

 Year 2

 Year 3

 Year 4

Year 5

 Research and Review  Appropriate Materials and Instruction  Implementation  Implementation, Monitor and Adjust  Assessment and Evaluation of Improvements
 "How does what we are doing now correlate with the research?"


Included in the review cycle is a study of how the district's learner outcomes align with the Basic Skills Tests, the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments and the new Minnesota Academic Standards; all of which are part of Minnesota's Graduation Standards.

Inclusion, diversity, multiculturalism, gender fairness and technology integration, are also assessed during the cycle. As the teachers and administrators work throughout the process, feedback is sought from the Curriculum and Instruction Advisory Committee.

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